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Top 3 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Short list with the features I like most about my new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) was released couple of months ago and it has been a real star on the show since then. Together with its bigger sibling the J7 (2017) they become real best sellers on the European and Asian market. I have my J5 (2017) for almost two weeks now and I have to admit I am quite pleased with it. This smartphone does a great job in all aspects of a modern gadget - it is fast and responsive, it looks great, the price is quite reasonable and it being offered by the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world I am sure it is also quite reliable.

So, here is the short list with the top 3 things I really like about the new J5 (2017):

  • Design and form factor - the new J5 looks really great. It is offered in blue/gray, pink and black. I got the black version and I have to say it looks amazing. Its unibody design makes it feel solid in the hand and the build quality is absolutely fantastic. It's a shame that most people will use the J5 with additional case (just like myself).

  • Performance - with fast processor, 2GB or RAM and good battery this phone has everything that an average user may need throughout the day. So far I have no complaints whatsoever in regards to performance.

  • Value for money - considering you can have the J5 (2017) for $250 I think it is great value for money smartphone. Well, the camera and fingerprint could be better and I've seen a bit better in this price segment but overall it is definitely the best smartphone in its segment.

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