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11 Christmas gifts ideas for women you should consider this year

Best Christmas gift ideas for women for this year!

Still struggling with your Christmas shopping this year? Look no further - our 11 top picks will help you select a gift for any woman in your life. Mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin or simply a coworker - we are here to help you make the best choice!

1. Jewellery

Any type of jewellery is always a good choice for a woman you're close with. Receiving a jewellery box this time of year will make any lady feel special and cared for. However, you should be mindful as a ring could be a misinterpreted gift. I would advise you to stick to a safer option. A bracelet or a necklace would be my choice.

A couple of good picks are these necklaces from Amazon - a white gold, luxurious heart-shaped necklace or a more budget-friendly option in silver:

2. A purse / handbag

A thoughtful and useful gift for any lady would be a high-quality purse for her credit cards, change etc. or a handbag that she can use for work or day use. Make sure you select good quality leather, regardless it's genuine or faux. Opt for natural and non-demanding colors if you're not closely familiar with her taste.

3. Lingerie / sleepwear

For your significant other, lingerie or a cute night gown / night set is always a good option for almost any holiday. Very important though - consider this option only if you are sure that you can select the right size! It does not matter if she can exchange it later - not choosing the right size for your lady can be very hurtful for her.

4. A favorite book / e-reader

All bookworms will be ecstatic to get a book by their favorite author as a gift for any occasion. If you're not certain about the literature taste and you're prepared with a bigger budget, you can opt for an e-reader. Nothing can compare to the convenience of having all your favorite books with you everywhere you go. And it fits in a handbag!

5. Fitness bracelet / set of weights for use at home

Many ladies enjoy a good workout and are engaged in fitness in one way or the other. If the lady you're selecting a gift for is a health nut and loves to exercise, she will appreciate a Fitbit bracelet or other type of a sport accessory.

6. Voucher for a full SPA day

Your significant other or friend / mother has been very busy lately? She will definitely appreciate a full day to herself with a SPA treatment in a luxurious hotel. Add a free drink and ideally, a hair do afterwards and she will be the happiest woman on the planet!

7. Gift card

If you know where your lady shops most often, a gift card is a thoughtful and always welcome gift, This way you can make sure that she buys something of her taste and make her happy!

8. Fan merchandise

If your coworker or not-so-close friend / cousin is a fan of a certain book or movie, you can be sure that you will surprise her nicely with a fan gift oriented toward her preference.

9. Make-up set

If you're familiar with the type of decorative make-up she uses and what she needs or lacks at the moment in her boudoir, you can opt for a make-up set or collection. That will definitely impress her, especially if the good choice is made by a man. Tip - Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection is all the rage now.

10. Scarf / gloves

Accessories are usually a safe and classy gift to choose for your loved ones or not so close people.A pair of good quality gloves or a scarf / shawl is a great choice for the holiday season.

11. Hand watch

In my opinion, not only men can receive watches as presents, although it's somewhat of a classic. A stylsh watch is a perfect gift for any lady.

What do you think of our suggestions? Have you chosen a gift already? Share your thoughts with us below!


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