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Toshiba 55V5863DG Smart TV reviewed

Features, specifications and quick consumer review of the big screen 55 inch 4k Ultra HD LED TV Toshiba 55V5863DG

Toshiba 55V5863DG 4k Smart TV
Toshiba 55V5863DG - good choice for big screen TV purchase on Christmas
It is almost Christmas time and everybody is rushing to get the best presents before the holidays arrive. The search for good deals is quite difficult sometimes and that is why here at Test and Review we will do our best to help you make the best choice. 

Today I will be presenting you a big screen 4k LED TV that could be bought quite cheap from online stores - the 55 inch Toshiba 55V5863DG Smart TV.

Best malls in Sofia

Have you ever been to Sofia, Bulgaria? Wondering which are the best shopping malls to visit in Bulgaria's capital - here is the top 5 malls list in Sofia!

shopping malls Sofia

Some of you probably know that most of our operations goes on in Bulgaria, actually in couple of cities in Bulgaria and of course its capital Sofia. The city is vastly growing and there are more and more people visiting Sofia each year. For those of you who want to visit Bulgaria but are still wondering which are the best malls in Sofia, here is my top 5 list of shopping malls you should visit there:

11 Christmas gifts ideas for women you should consider this year

Best Christmas gift ideas for women for this year!

Still struggling with your Christmas shopping this year? Look no further - our 11 top picks will help you select a gift for any woman in your life. Mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, cousin or simply a coworker - we are here to help you make the best choice!

Black Friday 2017 continues at Amazon UK until 26th November

The shopping Black Friday fever this year will continue online at Amazon UK until 26th November

Black Friday 2017 is almost over and most stores ended up their promotion for this year's shopping event. Luckily there still some online stores that will offer big discounts for those who missed the biggest shopping event of the year. One of these stores is Amazon UK where you can purchase almost everything - from consumer electronics through clothing and many other consumer goods.

What to buy on Black Friday – consumer tips

Of course there are other stores that will keep their discounted prices for couple more days are many of the items remain overstocked and they need to go before new arrivals come for the Christmas shopping. Black Friday also continues at eBay where discounted items are offered with up to 70% off.

What to buy on Black Friday 2017 - consumer tips

Black Friday 2017 promises to be one of the busiest shopping days this year

Black Friday 2017 is very close and most stores are getting ready for the shopping fever. Consumers are also getting excited as many of them are waiting this day to spend some money on a long waited product.
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2013 Christmas shopping guide

Some useful advice for how to make the 2013 Christmas holiday shopping experience a real pleasure

Today we are going to spend couple of minutes on the Christmas holidays and how to make a successful Christmas shopping. 
For 2013 there are no major differences in the way you should approach the Christmas holiday shopping process. Basically you need to focus on some key factors when making a decision whether to make a purchase or not. In order to do that you need to ask yourself couple of important questions:
- Do I need this?
- Is it worth the money?
- Can find it cheaper?
- What's the emotional value of this as Christmas gift?
These key points and the answers to those questions are really going to help you in those cases when you have some doubts before buying a specific product.
Do I need this?
During the Christmas shopping rush a lot of shoppers are willing to buy something only because it is on a huge discount and never ask themselves if they really need this product or it is just the price that draw their attention. It is the same story when buying something for someone else - the fact that it presents are not obligatory doesn't mean that you can buy stuff that no one is going to use. Useful gifts doesn't always mean boring, if you are smart enough you can even make the useful gift bigger surprise than expected.

Is it worth the money?
Buy only goods that deserve the money spend on them. Many sellers try to serve their products like something more exclusive than they actually are and that's why you need to stay alert for such marketing blurbs. Don't make a decision on a purchase by taking someone else's opinion as a key buying point.

Can I find it cheaper?
A short research on a product that you liked can save you tons of money. With all the modern communication options you can check the offers online on your smartphone or tablet while you are still in the shop. That really makes it quite easy to check if what you've been offered is really a 'deal'  or it is just some price tag trick. For bigger and more expensive purchases I would recommend to make a more indepth research on the product, search for online retailers and I am sure you will always find a better price.

What's the emotional value of this as a Christmas gift?
Christmas presents doesn't only have a specific material value but they also carry sentimental value which sometimes can be more important than the gift itself. This part we will leave it to you as you are the one who's buying the present and you should decide what emotional value a certain product could bring.
My advise is to spend some time thinking on this and I am pretty much sure you will figure it out.

No matter what you buy and how much you spend just do it with love and be pleased with the choice you made. The purpose of these presents is to make you happier and bring joy. Whit that said I wish you a very nice and cheerful 2013 Christmas holidays and please come back to our Test and Review blog soon as we have plenty more interesting topics to discuss.

The Overwhelming Struggle with the Need for Stuff

George Carlin once blasted Americans (via a really funny comedy bit) for needing too much “stuff.” Nowhere is this truer than in the world of consumer electronics. It seems like every day there is some new gadget that looks great but that we’re convinced we don’t actually need (though we admit to wanting it really badly) but within six months becomes indispensable in our daily lives.

For example: a couple of years ago an iPad was considered something that nobody would really need but now there are all sorts of tablet computers being released. Some companies are even making tablet/laptop hybrids (which, let’s face it, look really cool in the commercials).
That’s great for the consumer electronics industry, but what does it mean for you personally and financially? You don't need to max out your credit cards to keep up.
And what if you’re struggling with finding an answer to the question of should you pay debt before saving? You’re undoubtedly trying to do something big - maybe buy a house, send a child to college, etc. Your debts are weighing on you. You need to save money.
But you really want that new toy. And everybody else has one. And it looks like it will make your life so much easier!
So how do you figure out whether or not you truly need it?

Is it Unique?

Does the new gadget perform a task that nothing you already own can perform for you? For example—smart TVs are great but if you have already got a Roku or a gaming console that will stream your media for you, you probably don’t need to buy a new television based on its “smarts” alone. If you don’t have those devices and have gotten truly tired of trying to stream TV on a laptop, investing in a smart TV (instead of a bunch of devices that stream media) could be a good idea - if you can afford it.

Will it Save You…Anything?

To continue with the smart TV example - a smart TV can save you a lot of space. You can get rid of your streaming media device, the dock for your MP3 player, etc. You can use one device to do the same job that would take a lot of other devices to perform. This saves you space and, over the long haul, money.

Have You Done Your Research?

One of the biggest problems with buying a new electronic device is that there will, inevitably, be a newer and better model released within 48 hours of your purchase. To prevent this from happening to you, do your homework. Find out whether or not a newer model is being developed or manufactured (or is coming down the pike). Find out what the outlook for your coveted device looks like. Is it set to be phased out within the next year? If it meets our first two criteria, you can afford it and it looks like it has a promising future (free of accessory purchases or upgraded versions at least for a while), it might be a worthwhile purchase.

There is a great infographic/chart thing on Gizmodo that will help you figure out whether you truly need that new gadget or not. How does your coveted item fare?

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