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A+ 20000 mAh power bank review

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Product review of the massive 20000 mAh A+ power bank for smartphones and tablets

Today, at our Test and Review blog we will take a closer look at one of the more powerful portable power banks on the market today – the A+ 20000 mAh.

My first impression with this battery were good. It came with nice packaging and the power bank itself looks very nice in silver with metal looking frame. This A+ power bank also has an information display which shows the current state of the charging process and the percentage left as a power source.

A+ 20000 mAh
A+ 20000 mAh power bank
A+ battery
A+ 20000 mAh battery is a bit on the heavy side

My first test was using my Samsung J5 (2017) and all I needed to do is plug in the white cable that came in the box contents (see video below). It topped up its battery for less than an hour.

After the A+ power bank was fully drained (it took some time to do that since it is massive…) we plugged it in for charging its internal batteries. And here came one of its downsides – it took over 10 hours to fully charge it to 100%. This is my first full charge of this power bank so I am not sure if that is going to improve and the next time something will speed up the process or not.

A+ 20000 mAh power bank ports
A+ power bank ports
power bank display
A+ power bank display

So, these are my first impressions from the 20000 mAh external battery from A+. I will make sure to give you updates once I have used it for couple of more cycles. I hope it will do its job fine most of the time and will be a true power back up for my mobile devices.

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