What's the coolest gadget to buy in 2018?

Few suggestions about the coolest gadget one can buy in 2018

It is already 2018 and this is going to be yet another interesting year for the technology markets. It is clear for everyone that more and more innovations will define people's path. We hope to see many interesting and cool new gadgets throughout the year.

Here are few of the suggestions that are already on the market and we classify under cool gadgets:


Buying a robot is something that many people will go for in 2018. Now there's a huge variety of intelligent RC toy robots as well as fully independent and costing thousands of $ super advanced robots (and I am not talking about robot vacuum cleaners here).


Drones are getting dangerously popular these days and having a drone is the dream of most kids. The so called "quad-copters"  are also implemented in some industries where set of different services are performed with the help of drones.

Smart Glasses

Google Glass was a bit hit some time ago but for unknown reasons the project was put on hold. Now more and more tech manufacturers are developing their own products combining the functionalities of multiple smart devices into smart glasses. I think this would be one of the hottest gadgets to buy in 2018.