Opel Corsa C

Opel Corsa C – reliable second hand choice

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If you are looking for a cheap small second hand car, then the Opel Corsa C might be perfect for you

Opel Corsa C is a compact vehicle offered in 3 and 5 -door versions sold in Europe from 2000 to 2006. In Mexico the Corsa C was sold in 4-door sedan as well.

Great second hand vehicle

Corsa C is small and yet very reliable car, offered with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines which all are very economical. In Europe Corsa C was mostly sold with 1.7 liter CDTI diesel engine and 1.2 liter petrol engine which achieved record breaking figures in regards to fuel economy (under 4/100 for the diesel engine and under 5/100 for the petrol one).

Opel Corsa C rear
Opel Corsa C trunk
Opel Corsa C 1.2 twinport


All of these make this little car perfect for the city and a great second hand choice. Right now prices of well equipped low millage used Corsa C vary between 1000-2500 Euros depending on the modification. The 1.2i 5-door hatch is among the most expensive on the second hand car market.

Running costs are quite low here. Parts and labor for Corsa C are among the lowest on the market these days. Used parts are also easy to find from dealers and private owners.

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Surprisingly for such a small car the interior is quite spacious and it feels really roomy inside the Corsa C, especially if you are tall anywhere under 1.90 m. Design and materials used in the cabin are nothing special though and some cheap plastics can be found in the interior. Standard and additional equipment include climate control, electric windows, stereo and few others. Trunk space is also big enough for a city car.

Opel Corsa C dashboard – this one equipped with automatic climate control, very rare option in Corsa C


Opel Corsa C steering wheel
Opel Corsa C back seat
Opel Corsa C back seat 5-door hatch



The interior of the Corsa C is pretty spacious, both in the 3 and 5 – door versions. The ride nevertheless is pretty harsh and many drivers wouldn’t appreciate that. Opel decided to compromise ride quality a bit for the sake of having strong and durable suspension that many would appreciate if choosing Corsa C as a second hand vehicle. Other than that this little car is pretty standard inside, the trunk is also pretty good for a vehicle of this size. Visibility is also good, thanks to the large windows all around.


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Opel Corsa C is a great second choice and we strongly recommend it.


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