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Amazing fuel consumption under 7 liters per 100 km with Opel Vectra C

How to achieve amazing fuel consumption under 7 liters per 100 km with Opel Vectra C

Vectra C fuel consumption
6.9 on mixed driving is a great result for a 140 horse power petrol engine

Many people think that diesels and hybrids are the only economical way of transportation by car these days. My 2008 Opel Vectra proves these thoughts wrong, achieving some very good fuel economy figures, especially for a mid-sized hatchback like the one I am driving.

Well, to be honest this 6.9l per 100 km on a petrol engine was achieved mostly on extra-urban driving. The engine is 1.8l Ecotec with 140 hp and the average speed was not the optimal so I believe a result of 6.7l per 100 km is totally achievable.

The average consumption on this particular Vectra is 7.8l per 100 km which also pretty good. Urban driving is a bit high but that is expected with most petrol engines - 11.5-12l per 100 km (heavy traffic most of the time).

For the near future I am willing to try some of the modern downsized turbo engines like the GM's 1.6 petrol turbo with 170 hp which I think will return even better figures than the naturally aspirated petrol engines. The 1.4 turbo Ecotec is also a good choice and quite an economical one if mounted with the factory LPG system (for Astra and Insignia).

Diesel engines have some good characteristics but I believe they will become obsolete in the next 10-15 years due to environmental reasons. Hopefully hybrids and hydrogen vehicles will get more advanced and will reach wider range of consumers.

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