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Traction control in Opel/Vauxhall Vectra C

How does the Traction control and stability program behaves in Opel and Vauxhall Vectra C

Vectra C discussion

There are many owners of the Vectra C in UK and the rest of the Europe which means this car needs to be fit for all conditions - rain, snow, hot/cold weather etc.

One of the key security components of the Vectra C is its traction control system combined with other systems like the ABS to ensure smooth functioning of the ESP.

Having driven almost all models from Opel's model range I can confirm that their traction control systems are not to aggressive and do not intrude driver's intentions when not needed. It is the same story with Vectra C, where the TC kicks in the correct moment.

Depending on the driving style I think most drivers would appreciate how the traction control works here. Some Vectra-s like most GTS models have the option to switch traction control off with a button on the dashboard but I wouldn't encourage you do to it, especially if you are young and inexperienced driver.

If you are Vectra C owner I would very much appreciate it if you share your impressions - how does your car behave in winter conditions, on snowy and slippery roads?

Thank you very much in advance!