Opel Vectra B on service for over 20 years

Opel Vectra B - still one of the best cheap second hand cars

Vectra B hatch
Opel Vectra B hatchback
Opel Vectra B was released in late 1995 and has been on service since then for millions of drivers all over Europe and Asia. The car was offered in 3 different body styles - 4-door sedan, 5-door estate and a 5-door hatchback. The hatchback version was very popular in UK where it was sold under the name of Vauxhall.

Vectra B - impressions when first released 

Back in the days Vectra B was one of the best looking mid-sized vehicles sold in Europe. It competed mainly with Ford Modeo, Mercedes C-class and VW Passat and all of them looked old and outdated when standing next to the recently released Opel Vectra B.


Vectra B was offered with a variety of engines. First line of Ecotec engines were first introduced in this car with displacement starting from 1.6 liters to big 2.5 V6. Gasoline engines were mostly sold in 1.6i 101 hp, 1.8i 115 hp and 2.0i 136 hp. There was also 1.6 mi (mono-injection) version with 75 bhp.
Diesels were limited to a 2.0 101 hp and 2.2 125 hp, both of which were very economical even by today's standards.

Buying a second hand car: Opel / Vauxhall Vectra B

 Many companies preferred the Opel Vectra B not only for its progressive design but also because of cheap maintenance. Company car fleets were later on sold to consumers and run on public roads even after more than 20 years.
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