Samsung J5 vs J7 - which is better?

Comparing the two best selling mid-range smartphones (2017) Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J5 vs J7 in their 2017 editions are two of my favorite mid-range smartphones. They both come at a very reasonable price, look exceptionally well and perform above the average. These together with the adequate 2x 13MP cameras made the 2017 J-series extremely popular on the smartphone market.

There are couple of main differences between these two:
  1. Display - the J7 has a bit bigger 5.5 inch display compared to the 5.2 inch in the J5. The bigger one also has higher resolution and is a FHD Super AMOLED display compared to (just) the HD resolution of the J5. I have used both of these displays and I would say the difference is not huge but the bigger Full HD display is much better when browsing and for watching videos.
  2. The J7 has 3GB RAM vs 2GB for the J5 - after using the J5 (2017) for more than half an year I have never experienced lack of memory. Probably that is because I am not a mobile gamer. Anyways the 3 gigs of the J7 are definitely an advantage.
  3. Always on display - feature that is only embedded in the J7. I think there are some software workarounds (display management apps) for the J5 though.
  4. Price - the J7 is slightly more expensive (up to 20% more in different stores.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) – first impressions

I really can't wait for the 2018 edition of the J series. I hope the J5 and J7 (2018) will keep their exceptional build quality and form factor but will improve in regards to cameras (especially rear ones). Rumors are saying the new J7 will get a dual camera but I guess will have to wait a bit more to confirm that.

Top 3 things I like about the Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)