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Problems with Samsung J5 fingerprint scanner - resolved

The problems and issues I've been having with the Samsung's J5 fingerprint scanner are finally resolved - see how

Samsung J5 fingerprint scanner
J5 fingerprint scanner - resolved
Many people have been reporting serious issues with the Samsung's J5 fingerprint scanner and mainly not being able to unlock the device with a single push/slide. And it was exactly the same story with my personal J5 (2017) which made me turn off the fingerprint unlock for good.

The resolution

It turned out that there is a simple solution for this problem and I will try to explain it in few words. Please note that the same may be applied for the J7 (2017) which uses the same biometric verification hardware.

When I first got my new Samsung J5 I applied the required number of fingerprints in order to use the unlock option but never thought that I was actually doing it in perfect conditions when my fingers were dry and device was as clean as new. It took me quite some time (unfortunately) to realize that I needed to repeat the same process but leaving the device a bit greasy and before washing my hands. Meanwhile I also kept the first "clean" pattern I had already in the device and saved this new one as well. This simple exercise made all the difference. Now almost 90% of the unlock attempts work fine from the first click/slide.

Well, that is the simple solution that worked for my smartphone. I would strongly advice other J5 and J7 owners to check if it works for them as well as this a good feature to have.

On the other hand I hope that the new J5 (2018) and J7 (2018) will have improved fingerprint scanners that won't need more than one pattern to be saved.

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