Buying new Finlux TV - sizes, prices and specs

Finlux offer LED TVs in different sizes, prices and specifications - consumer guide

new Finlux TV
Finlux TV

Finlux TVs don't pretend to compete with the best in class televisions from top manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and LG. On the other hand they offer pretty good picture quality for the prize.

I have seen Finlux TV sets from many different sizes and prices but I think most people looking for a cheaper TV usually need small ones as a secondary devices for their kitchens, bedrooms or even baths.

Samsung T32E390SX LED TV

Finlux 50F6090-T 50
The 50F6090-T is 50 inch Full HD 1080p LED TV that was for sale couple of years ago.

Finlux 32H6072-D
Finlux 32H6072-D was a very well made 32 inch TV wit positive feedback from online reviews. Just like the 50F6090-T 50 it is not for sale anymore.

Finlux - consumer products

Finlux 39F6072-D
Full HD 1080p picture, HDMI ports, USB media playback and pretty simple design and looks.

For 2018 Finlux already released couple new models. Stay tuned for more information and specifications for these new televisions.

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