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Luxor TV - cheap alternative of the popular TV brands

Buying cheap Luxor TV may be a good decision for those who want to save some money

People don't buy TV very often but when they do they tend to be quite picky. Luxor is not a well known brand in the TV industry but they have some HD LED TVs that look like a pretty good deal.

Popular Luxor TVs

From what I've seen so far there are couple 40 and 42 inch Luxor TVs that got popular in UK. One of the models is the Luxor LUX0140004/01 which is a 40 inch LED TV which is quite cheap. I am not certain if it still offered for sale in tech stores though.

There was also another 50 inch Full HD Luxor TV which also might not be for sale anymore.


Luxor TVs are offered quite cheap. In UK you can buy one from £200 for the smaller screens and up to £400 for the 50 inch screens.

Unfortunately, we don't have more sufficient information about other Luxor televisions. I hope they won't stop manufacturing these so we can keep an eye on the new models. Meanwhile check the rest of our product reviews.