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Luxor TV - everything you need to know

Luxor TVs are not very popular, here couple of facts that you need to know about them

Luxor TVs
Luxor TV

Today at our consumer blog we will share some information about a brand which is not very popular in the electronics market - Luxor.
Here are few of the key points when buying Luxor television:
  • Price- well, that is one of the main reasons why anyone would buy LED TV from a not very know brand so it better be cheap. Luxor offer variety of cheap TVs so that wouldn't be an issue
  • Picture quality - don't expect premium image quality here
  • Good value for money - yes, we could say that
  • It is just a TV so don't give it too many thoughts in case you find a good deal
We are interested in their TVs which could no longer be seen in tech stores. Here are couple of the models we've reviewed previously:

Luxor LUX0140004/01 - well, this a basic 40 inch Full HD LED TV sold mostly in UK.

Luxor also offered a 50 inch Luxor TV which wasn't very popular (unfortunately I don't even remember its product name/number).

Their 42 inch Full HD screen was sold in UK for around £400 which looks quite a lot by today's standards.
Stay tuned for more information for other Luxor TV specifications and consumer reviews.

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