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We can't wait to test the new Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS is the phone we are most eager to review these days... still waiting

I have used J5 and J7 for quite some time - waiting for the new J7 (2018)

Since I have used couple of smartphone from Samsung's J-series I am super eager to test the brand new J7 (2018) SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS. I've been hearing rumors about it in the last couple of months and the last official release date was planned for May. There is still nothing firm around that date but here are some facts about the latest generation Galaxy J7:

Delays in the official release of the long waited Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F

  1. It will have an improved 16MP rear camera - it will have a 16MP sensor and is expected to be one of the biggest improvements in the new J7 (2018).
  2. Faster 8-core Exynos processor - this processor scores very well in most benchmarks so that is also going to be an improvement in regards to J7's performance and hardware specs.
  3. More RAM -  Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F and SM-J720F/DS will be equipped with 4GB of RAM, compared to the 3GB in the J7 (2017) and 4GB in J7 Pro from the last 2017 generation.
  4. New OS - Android 8.0 Oreo
The all new 2018 J7 would keep the 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display. An upgrade would be the brand new J8 which is expected go be the flagship in Samsung's J-series.

I am super excited to test and review the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) SM-J720F or SM-J720F/DS and share my first impressions. I guess it will take at least couple more weeks waiting time but I am sure it will be worth it so stay tuned for updates.