Blaupunkt 236/2070 23.6 inch LED HD TV 720p

Blaupunkt 236/2070 23.6 inch LED HD TV 720p - consumer review, features and specs

Blaupunkt 236/2070 TV review

Today at Test and Review I will present you one compact TV that is targeting mostly the European market - the 24 inch Blaupunkt 236/2070. This is basically a 23.6 inch HD 720p LED TV which comes in different name/product code depending on the location. The 236/2070 is specifically targeting customers from Eastern Europe.

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When I saw the Blaupunkt 236/2070 in the store the other day it was place right next to a very similar small Sharp TV with the only difference that the Blaupunkt was slightly cheaper. I have seen these TVs being used mostly in hotels but I am sure they will also fit any mid-sized kitchen or even a small bedroom.

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Yet another Blaupunkt TV

Blaupunkt are marketing their products by reminding their customers that the brand was established a long time ago in Germany. Make no mistake, most of the products are made in Asia or Central/Eastern Europe.

Still, latest Blaupunkt products I've tested impressed with solid build quality but performance was average. And so is the price. You can find the Blaupunkt 236/2070 for around 100-120 Euros which is an OK price for a good small TV. Of course there are cheaper alternatives like the UTOK U24HD3 which is offered mostly in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria but I believe Blaupunkt's quality and performance is slightly better.

I am not going to get into specifics but with the Blaupunkt 236/2070 you will get USB media player, HDMI, analogue and digital tuner, easy to use remote control and good viewing angles.

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That is all I can share for the Blaupunkt 236/2070 for now. Check the rest of our TV reviews for more offers.

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