LG 32LJ500U - cheap 32 inch LED TV

If looking for a quality cheap HD LED TV then the LG 32LJ500U might be the perfect choice for you - my review

LG 32LJ500U review - there are so many different LED TVs offered on the market today that it is really hard sometimes to make the right choice.

Even the not so popular and very cheap brands produce good quality products. Some times even brands like Sony, LG or Samsung need to catch up with the latest trends and technologies offered by the competition.

Released in 2018 the LG 32LJ500U is a cheap 32 inch LED TV, offering good HD picture quality. With simple design and not very stylish this LED panel is good fit for bigger kitchens or bedrooms, as a secondary TV. For your living room one would probably need something bigger.

Main features and specs

LG 32LJ500U is a non-smart TV with HD image resolution of 1366 x 768. Probably some of you would complain it is not a Full HD 1080p TV but believe me for the 32 inch size it wouldn't really matter and you will hardly notice the difference (especially when watching HDTV/cable TV).

LG 32LJ500U with stand measures 732 x 182.4 x 478 mm (732 x 67.6 x 438 without stand).

Here are some of the picture improvement technologies:
  • Resolution Upscaler
  • Color Master Engine
  • HEVC Decoder
  • VP9 Decoder
  • True Motion refresh 50

The sound in this TV comes from 2x 10W downfiring stereo speakers which are pretty powerful for watching TV and movies in an average sized room.

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The price is also good. Offered mainly in Central and East Europe, the LG 32LJ500U can be found for around 200 Euros.

As an alternative I would recommend the Star-Light 32DM3500 which is even cheaper 32 inch TV but not very popular in countries outside Eastern Europe.

LG 32LJ500U menu options - video

I hope you liked my review of the LG 32LJ500U, please let me know what is your opinion about this TV.
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