LG 43UJ635V - my favorite 43 inch 4k TV reviewed

Our top 3 reasons to like the LG 43UJ635V - specifications and quick consumer review of the premium 43 inch 4K UHD LED TV 

LG 43UJ635V TV

To start with I have to say that I really like the LG 43UJ635V 4K Ultra HD LED TV

To save you some time and before I give you the list with its main features and specs, here are the top 3 things I like about the 43UJ635V:

Our feedback
  1. Design - I really like how the simple and clean design of this TV. It looks like a premium and well made product that is going to last. The design is simple and yet elegant, with thin frames and round stand (I prefer this over the two "stabilizers" that are so popular these days). 
  2. Picture quality - for a $500 TV the LG 43UJ635V offers exceptional picture quality that could easily compete with the best in class models from Sony and Samsung. The 4K Ultra HD images are crisp and sharp, color reproduction is natural.
  3. The overall package - the size of 43 inches in one of my favorite, it's not too big, neither too small. I hate it when someone buys huge TV but doesn't consider the fact that watching some TV shows on such big screens can be a struggle sometimes. The looks are good, the price is right and that's why it looks a very good deal in general with no weak points whatsoever. 

LG 43UJ701V 43 inch 4K Ultra HDR LED TV

LG 43UJ635V 4k Ultra HD TV

LG 43UJ635V picture
LG 43UJ635V picture quality is pretty good, especially in 4K mode

LG 43UJ635V
Good viewing angles on the LG 43UJ635V

LG 43UJ635V main features

  • More consistent color and contrast from any seats
  • Active HDR expanding your HDR choices
  • Contrast booster for HDR-like viewing
  • The science of light control
  • 4K upscale the resolution to 4K quality
  • Surround yourself in rich sound thanks to the quality stereo speakers
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