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LG 32LK610PLB 32 inch Full HD Smart TV

LG 32LK610PLB 32 inch Full HD Smart TV with Active HDR and ThinQ AI - my consumer test and review

LG 32LK610PLB TV review
LG 32LK610PLB TV at one of the local tech stores

I would rate LG 32LK610PLB as one of the best mid-range 32 inch LED TVs for 2018. Before I tell you why here are its main features and specs:
  • Brand: LG
  • Model32LK610PLB
  • Display size: 32 inch 
  • Display resolution: Full HD 1080P, 1920 x 1080
  • ThinQ AI
  • Dynamic Color Enhancer
  • Active HDR
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Refresh Rate: 50Hz (True Motion 100 / TM100)
  • Smart TV: yes, with built-in WiFi and quad-core processor
  • Sound power: 10W
Design and first impressions
What I like very much in the LG 32LK610PLB is its design. Its frame is far from the thinnest in the segment but the thicker frame makes it looks more solid and also quite elegant. I know many people wouldn't agree with me but I think that signature feature of the 32LK610PLB makes it stand out from the crowd.
LG 32LK610PLB TV specifications
LG 32LK610PLB has a high-efficiency LED panel

What I don't particularly like is the fact that this TV is quite thick.

Picture quality
LG has always been in my top 3 list in regards to picture quality (together with Samsung and Sony). I have to remind you that this is a mid-range TV which does not support 4k resolution so expectations should be adjusted to the required minimum. LG 32LK610PLB offers good picture quality in Full HD resolution, with nice colors but unfortunately with very low refresh rate of just 50Hz.

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Sound is adequate but not the best in class. The output power for the 2x downfiring stereo speakers is just 10W so external sound system is recommended. Thankfully Virtual Surround Plus and  
Clear Voice III are supported. Another good feature that many consumers may appreciate is the Bluetooth playback capabilities of the 32LK610PLB.

Smart TV
Yes, the LG 32LK610PLB is a Smart TV with LG's ThinQ AI artificial intelligence software. The operating system is webOS Smart TV, supported by a quad-core processor.

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Prices for vary between £200 and £250 which puts in the more expensive category of 32 inch Full HD LED Televisions in Europe and UK (around 250 Euro in the rest of Europe).

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