No free offshore hosting - the reasons?

Why offshore hosting is not free and what is actually offshore hosting?

These days many webmasters and company owners rely on offshore hosting for various reasons. But before answering the question why this service is not offered free lets begin with what the term “offshore hosting” means and why would anyone need such service?

The basics

Well, it is mostly related to privacy and security. Here the definition “offshore” means you are not only hosting your website content in a different location than your country of residence but also where data privacy is a core value and is protected against any 3rd party access (e.g. sharing or retrieving data by local officials or other organisations due to country or regional regulations).

Offshore hosting - benefits

There are couple main benefits that differ the offshore hosting from the regular one. Here are the major ones:

  • Offshore stored and managed website content does not need to comply with your local regulations (e.g. DMCA).
  • It allows wider tolerance of the content types due to its flexible content policy - freedom of speech which is not guaranteed in many locations worldwide and therefore websites hosted in these locations may fall into regulations that make them an object of iniquity or censorship.
  • Great solution for websites hosting gambling, adult content and other related.
  • Keeps your data identity safe - truly hard to find in Internet these days.

No free offshore hosting - the reasons

Just like any other infrastructure related to web content hosting and management quality offshore hosting requires a lot of resources - hardware and infrastructure, maintenance, customer support etc.
To ensure all of the benefits mentioned above offshore hosting companies need to invest time and efforts to ensure the quality of the provided service.

What is offshore hosting - the basics

To conclude, offshore hosting is usually strictly dedicated service that doesn’t rely on any marketing benefits like free open source products or other online solutions with limited services and questionable performance. Popular offshore companies like AbeloHost chose to rely on delivering quality and sometimes unique services on reasonable prices - something that  should be top priority for those who want to benefit from the offshore hosting. It is rally a small price one has to pay for keeping data identity safe, guaranteeing freedom of speech and an overall well maintained hosting solution.

I will be more than happy to hear your opinion about offshore hosting companies, any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you!