Wilson Ultra 100L Camo - versatile racket for medium and advanced players

My consumer review of the Wilson Ultra 100L Camo - one of the best and most versatile rackets I have tested this year

Wilson Ultra 100L Camo review

Wilson Ultra 100L CAMO (also known as Ultra 100 Light) is a premium racket that I bought recently so today I will share my personal impressions with this tennis racket. First of all here are its specifications in short:

Wilson Ultra 100L Camo tennis racket
Wilson Ultra 100L Camo
Wilson Ultra 100L CAMO features and specs
  • Model: Ultra 100L CAMO edition
  • Weight (unstrung): 277 grams
  • Head size: 100 inch (99.98 sq.in.)
  • Length: 26.97 inch
  • Balance unstrung: 12.8 inch (32.5 cm)
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Material / Technology: Yoke Grommets; Power RIB
  • Price: around $200
As you can see from the very beginning of my presentation even on paper the Wilson Ultra 100L CAMO looks like very well balanced lightweight racket. It is very similar to my Wilson Blade Team 99 Lite which I reviewed few weeks ago - same balance, same weight. The difference I noticed as an advantage of the Ultra 100L is that it feels stiffer and with a bigger sweet spot. 

All of its specs are tuned in such way to make it a super versatile racket for medium and even advanced players - big head size but not too big (with enhanced sweet spot), light but not too light, very evenly balanced weight, relatively open string pattern 16x19.

As for the CAMO edition, well I  liked this design pattern because it makes my racket kind of unique and I also liked the blue mat color.

Here is a quick video review of the regular Ultra 100L version of the racket:

As you can see, recommended by the specialists the Wilson Ultra 100L is very comfortable and versatile racket that will suit different type of players.

And here is how the Ultra 100L Camo edition looks like in real world testing:

My short time with the Ultra 100L Camo (one set and a half sets indoors) was very pleasant and I believe I might have finally found my all-round tennis racket, both for recreational play and amateur tournaments. It is a very versatile and comfortable racket to play with, lightweight and with incredible sweet spot for just a 100 sq.inch racket. 

Well, I will have to adjust my single-hand backhands a bit but that is expected when jumping from the Pro Staff series which are probably the best rackets for such shots.
Wilson Ultra 100 Light Camo tennis racket
Wilson Ultra 100L Camo - tested

Here is my score for the different aspects of my game with the Ultra 100L Camo racket:
  1. Baseline control - 8 out of 10
  2. Sweet spot availability - 9 out of 10
  3. Maneuverability - 8 out of 10 
  4. Volleys - 7 out of 10
  5. Serves - 8 out of 10

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Thank you for checking my Wilson Ultra 100L Camo tennis racket review. Pleas let me know what do you think about it in the comments form below. 

Thank you!

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