Should you buy 3D TV in 2019?

Is 3D TV technology the future or is it already outdated in 2019?

Samsung 3D TVThat is a pretty generic question to ask but there is a huge sense in asking in 2019 - should we really buy 3D TV in 2019 or not? Well, there are couple of objectives to consider when answering it, here is our point of view:

  1. Do you really need 3D? To answer this question we should get back in the days when filming industry pushed really hard to promote 3D and make it a standard for cinemas around the globe. The technology itself was not complete in its development and the audience was left with the impression it was really not that good. Unfortunately years after that 3D TVs are still complicated to use and watch and the quality is kind of questionable.
  2. 3D did not a reach cutting edge technology state. That is a fact. In order to watch 3D at home one needs to buy a special 3D television and put on special 3D glasses and still after all these "efforts" the quality is far from perfect.

How 3D works these days - video

This is pretty general but honest opinion about 3D technology in short. Of course it is not all downhills. The technology itself brought some dynamics to the TV market before the curved mania began. What would be next... we are still not sure, probably next gen 3D... why not!??

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