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Luxor TV remote controls

Luxor TV remote controls - list and where to buy them

consumer infoToday at our consumer blog we will take a closer look at the original remote controls offered for Luxor TVs, mostly sold on the UK market.

Luxor TV remote controls
  • Cheap
  • Reliable
  • Hard to find
  • Limited stock
  • Lacking premium feel

Short list with remote controls for different model televisions:

  • RC4848 TV Remote Control For Luxor LUX0132003/01
  • RC3902 Remote Control For Luxor LUX-32-914-IDT V / LUX32914IDTV TV
  • RC4848F TV Remote Control For Luxor Lux0142002/01
  • RC5117 TV Remote Control For Luxor LUX0140001B/01 /LUX0140001B01 LED55DB
  • LUX-19-822-COB , LUX-22-822-COB , LUX-16-822-COB remote controls
  • Remote control for Luxor LUX0132002/1 TV
  •  LUXOR 5192TX
  • Luxor LUX32914IDTV remote control
These are most of the popular remote controls for Luxor TVs, mostly offered in eBay UK and some in Amazon.

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