Huawei AF15 tripod selfie stick

Our first-hand consumer review and unboxing video of the Huawei Honor AF15  tripod selfie stick with Bluetooth remote

Huawei Honor AF15 tripod selfie stick
Huawei AF15 Bluetooth tripod and selfie stick

To be honest, we've always hated selfie sticks and avoided buying one for quite some time. But everything changes and so are we, so we recently bought the Huawei AF15 tripod and selfie stick and we liked it a lot. 

Here is our first-hand consumer review as well as unboxing video of this compact and yet quality made product.

Looks and first impressions

From the very first touch the Huawei AF15 (also known as Honor AF15) leaves the impression of a quality-made product. Manufactured from aluminum and durable (we'll see about that) plastic it looks tough enough to withstand most of our travels.

Huawei AF15  Huawei AF15 tripod set up

The AF15 is a relatively small (not the smallest though) selfie stick which easily fits in a purse or if you have bigger-sized jacket pockets.

We liked the simple and stylish looks of the device, decided entirely in black and dark brown for the extending stick.

So, the overall first impressions after the unboxing are pretty good.

Huawei AF15  product specs and functionality

The Huawei AF15 is a 2 in 1 device, tripod and selfie stick which can be operated remotely via Bluetooth remote control. Here are the most important of its specifications:

Huawei AF15 specs:
Brand: Huawei / Honor
Model: AF15 Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick (Wireless version)
Fixed, anti-skid aluminum rod
Bluetooth remote control: Yes (comes with CR2025 lithium coin battery), Bluetooth 3.0 to connect with your smartphone
360° rotation
6-stage extendable stick - made of aluminum alloy, 660 mm (66 cm) extended length
Non-slip rubber tripod feet
Dimensions and weight: 186 mm long and weighs around 163 g

Huawei AF15 is very easy to set up - we needed just couple of minutes to mount our Samsung A50 smartphone and pair it through the Bluetooth connection and it was ready to go. 

Huawei AF15 Bluetooth remote control  shutter button

The detachable remote control which is actually the shutter button is a very useful feature, especially if the photographer wants to join the picture without setting up slef-timer. 

The extendable 6-stage selfie stick is long enough and supports the weight of a big smartphone quite well.

Huawei AF15 smartphone holder  Huawei AF15 selfie set up

Overall, simply made and functional, the AF15 reflects its factory description quite accurately.

Huawei AF15 unboxing video and product overview

Our first meeting with the AF15 tripod

Huawei AF15 Price
Depending on the market you buy the Huawei AF15, it is priced around $25-30 range.

Verdict and final feedback
If we have to be a 100% honest, we researched lots of tripods prior buying the Huawei AF15 and it received very good feedback by most customers. 

We are also quite satisfied after our initial test and we believe it would be a great add-on for the future trips.
And yes, for the price of under $30, we would definitely recommend the Huawei AF15.