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Samsung Galaxy A50 - consumer long term review

Consumer review of the mid-range Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 consumer review
Samsung Galaxy A50 consumer review
Samsung Galaxy A50 turned into one of the most popular mid-range smartphones for 2019. That is thanks to its good looks and build quality, adequate specifications and a very reasonable price.

For the time we have been using and testing the Galaxy A50 we can point out couple of its key features and why it turned into such a best seller:
  • Good looks and build quality
  • Solid performance: 4GB RAM, 8-core processing, 128GB (64GB option as well) of internal storage
  • Triple rear camera 
  • Amazing Super AMOLED display
  • Affordable price
  • Fast charging
To be honest, it has been a real pleasure using the Samsung A50 smartphone during the last couple of months. 

We only found it to be annoying when first trying to setup the in-display fingerprint reader. 
Thankfully heard the consumers' complaints and released a fingerprint software update shortly after we bought the phone. You can find out more about this problem in one of our previous posts:  Samsung's in-display fingerprint scanner not working.

Our long term Samsung A50 video review

The camera
The triple rear camera of the A50 does a great job, especially if we consider the price of around $300. The ultra-wide lens is rated at 8MP and together with the 5MP depth sensor help the main camera (25MP) make some of the best photos in this price range.

Samsung Galaxy A50 triple camera - tested
Samsung Galaxy A50 camera - among the best in class 

Generally, we were more than happy with the performance of the triple camera. The front-facing camera is great for selfies but unfortunately there's no longer front flash support, so you may need to use the display light for low-light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy A50 camera features
Product featureUse
Triple camera Depth camera 5MP (F2.2) - helps a lot with the depth of field and making portrait photos with boquet effectMain Camera 25MP (F1.7) - high pixel number and F1.7 allow for great detailed photos. The F1.7 is also essential for clear low-light images Ultra Wide camera 8MP - allows you to make wide-angle shots with lower quality compared to the main camera
Scene OptimizerSets optimum levels of brightness and saturation thanks to intelligent AI system
Flaw detectionCatches blinks, backlight and blurs that may need correction
Make and personalize AR emojis, stickers and filtersLets you create fun pictures and collages, together with the photos you've made

The 4000 mAh battery of the A50 performs also on a very good level. We found it to be adequate for about a day of active use. With limited connectivity options (Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS mostly turned off) you can easily go through 1-2 days.

We also made an experiment to minimize the screen brightness and we found the battery to be good for some 3-4 days. So, as you can guess the bright display is the biggest consumer around here.

Other thoughts
We strongly recommend using the Samsung A50 smartphone with protective case and screen protector, even though it has the corning Gorilla glass. 
We managed to crack our screen protector in less than couple of weeks, so without it that would be it for the gorgeous AMOLED display.
Samsung Galaxy A50 case
The case we've been using with the A50 since we bought the phone

Thank you for checking our long term Samsung Galaxy A50 review.

Please let us know what you think of this smartphone or is there any other brand/model that you might recommend?

PS: The photos in this review were taken with our favorite Panasonic Lumix GX9 camera.

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