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Samsung Galaxy A50 - live focus camera test

Live focus camera test and sample photos after the 2020 firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A50 live focus camera app
Live focus in A50 camera app

We used the good weather these days and decided to make an in-depth camera test of the Samsung Galaxy A50 after it got its latest 2020 Android 10 software update.

Our experience with the A50
The Galaxy A50 is a great mid-range smartphone with lots of positive things to say we had some very positive impressions after we first tested it. It has a great form factor, very nice and sharp Super AMOLED display and also a very capable triple main camera.

We've made more than 2000 photos and probably some 100 videos with using the A50 camera and the result were pretty satisfying to say the least.

The live focus camera test

After downloading the latest 2020 Android 10 firmware update for the Galaxy A50 we noticed that there are lots of improvements in the phone.

2020 Samsung Galaxy A50 firmware update

Some of the major changes could be found in the official camera app where we noticed some enhanced features were added - software image stabilization, improved focus and live focus capabilities and more.

So, what is the live focus option? Well, this feature basically gives you the opportunity to blur the background and to stress the camera focus onto a specific object or objects.

But that is enough info, now let's cut to the test itself.

Here we have some example photos made in good light at noon but some of them faced direct sunlight, which is not a very good thing for any camera:
Here we see the live focus effect failed - we didn't focst the object well

A50 camera live focus image      live focus flower

And here are some images where we used the stock editing software to achieve some interesting effects using the background blur effect:

Samsung A50 blur    camera test Samsung A50

As you can see one can get very good results with the A50, which I should remind you costs less than $300. 

And here we have a video where we simulated some bokeh effect using the scree to change the focus point (live focus currently not available for A50 video recording):

Samsung Galaxy A50 focus switch - video

The live focus feature in the Galaxy A50 does a great job, as long as one takes the time and patience to focus the object properly and have a steady hand while taking the photo. 

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Unlike the software stabilization (called "super steady" for video) which is also new feature for the A50 in 2020, we are really pleased with the results of the live focus.

And in conclusion we want to say a big THANK YOU Samsung for the continuous updates, not only for your latest smartphones but also for those released couple of years ago.

Honestly, we wish Panasonic were making their updates for mirrorless cameras that often so we would have some similar awesome features on our Lumix GX9 (great camera though).