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DJI Mavic Air 2 battery issue - Resolved!

Our battery issue with the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone is finally resolved (by itself) 

It has been couple of weeks since we bought the Mavic Air 2 drone and we made some amazing videos in different locations and conditions.

But we also had some troubles with the Air 2 as well and one of them was related to the battery charging time which was quite longer than advertised.

Here is a brief description of the battery charging problem with the Mavic Air 2 - video

Of course, before jumping to conclusions we consulted with some of our fellow photographers who also bought the Air 2 drone. Some of them were using the Fly more combo multiple battery charger and reported that all was good on their end.

DJI Mavic Air 2 battery issue - Resolved (but how?)

Still, after 2 weeks and about 5-7 batteries drained we still got way over 2 hours of charging time on our battery (tested in different charging points in regular indoor temperature of around 20 C).

But we decided to give it some more time before contacting DJI support and continued with taking great pictures and recording some awesome videos with the Air 2. After some time we noticed the charging time for the battery changed. We are not sure if it adapts or something but it was reduced significantly - from 2.5 hours to under 2 hours on average.

Well, we know that DJI calls it an intelligent battery and it seems like it actually makes some sense. Now we are happy that there's probably nothing wrong with our battery and focused more on the quality of the flights and the recordings.

General facts and info about the Mavic Air 2 drone - video

So, if you are experiencing the same kind of troubles, please give the drone some time and recharge it couple more times to see if things will improve. We really believe that this was something temporary and probably because the drone was recently bought and still kind of new.

We will still monitor on the battery charging time and hopefully this issue will be gone for good.

Meanwhile we would like to get some feedback from you - have you experienced any problems related to the DJI Mavic Air 2 drone?

Last week we had some issues recording on a field on a bright sunny day (no wind whatsoever) where our videos and FPV came out really choppy with lots of disruptions in the sequence. We believe we already found the root-cause for that but we will tell you more in one of our next posts.

We also intend to buy another DJI product - the Osmo Action camera, so if you have any other feedback about this one, please share that as well (any comparison vs the GoPro HERO 7 Black would be highly appreciated).