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What is "Make your moments fly" by DJI?

DJI with a new teaser "Make your moments fly" but what is it?

DJI Mavic Mini 2

So, what is the product behind the latest "Make your moments fly" teaser from DJI? That will be the topic today but before we jump straight to the product, lets take minute and go through the background and some details that may lead us to the correct assumption.

Capture magic at hand

Probably most of you DJI fans remember what happened when in October the "Capture magic at hand" promo clip was released and it went viral pretty fast. But guessing the product back then was quite easy - everyone was expecting the new generation DJI Osmo Pocket. And couple of weeks later, after we shared with you the info, we had the awesome Osmo Pocket 2. 

What is "Make your moments fly"

Now, lets go back to "Make your moments fly". Our first thought once we got the promo message from DJI in our email box was "this should definitely be a new  Mavic Air Mini. Yes, we believe the product that is going to be released in the beginning of November 2020 will be the DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone

What to expect from the DJI Mavic Mini 2?

The outgoing Mavic Mini is a small drone with great features - it goes unregulated with its 249 grams, it records awesome 2.7k video and takes good pictures and it is quite easy to control. There are some things that weren't so good and once improved (like DJI did with the Air 2) the Mini series may become an even greater seller. 
Here are the top 3 things that we expect improved in the Mavic Mini 2:
  • Improved reach and signal - the OcuSync 2.0 technology implemented in the Mavic Air 2 earlier this year was a real breakthrough in range capabilities. The first version of the Mini is well known for its not so good reach and wireless signal. Let's hope this will be sorted out in the new Mini 2.
  • 4k video - resolution numbers grow bigger and bigger and it is quite natural to expect the 2.7k video to be left behind for a better sensor with 4k video option.
  • Improved obstacle avoidance - the first generation Mini lacked any front, rear or side sensors to protect it during flight. We expect to see better obstacle avoidance system in the Mini 2 with more sensors but still keep the weight on the low end.
  • The Mini is a small and lightweight series of drones but we expect better smart battery management from DJI in the new Mini 2 and hopefully improved battery life.
  • New remote control - if the Mini 2 receives the OcuSync 2.0 we expect to see a remote control that is very similar to the big gray remote of the Mavic Air 2. 

DJI Mavic Mini drone - video

To sum it up, the Mavic Mini is a very nice little drone and it took great part of the drone market worldwide. But it is time for a new small but "great" drone to take its place. 

Now lets wait until November 5 and see if our "Make your moments fly" guess is correct and we will enjoy the new Mini 2 shortly after that!