FFalcon 24F1 - cheap TV in Australia

FFalcon 24F1 - cheap small TV to buy in Australia in 2021

FFalcon 24F1 Australian TV
FFalcon 24F1 - cheap Australian TV

To be honest we are not as familiar as we want to be with the Australian consumer electronics market. That is why we will start series of product overviews of Australian devices and focusing mostly on televisions. 

Today, we are taking a closer look at the main product features and specifications of a budget small LED TV - the FFalcon 24F1

To begin with, here are some of its main specs:

FFalcon 24F1 product specifications 

Screnn size24-inch
Screen resolutionHD, 1366 x 768 pixels
HDMIYes, 2x
USBYes, 1x
PVR recordingYes
USB media playerYes

So, nothing special for a 2021 TV, but lets not forget that this is a cheap TV after all, so it is quite normal that you don't see 4k, Smart TV, Wi-Fi and such.

FFalcon 24F1 product price

The average asking price that we could find in Australia was around  200 AUD in the beginning of Jan 2021.  

For that price what you get is a small budget screen that would fit a smaller kitchen or bedroom perfectly. 

FFalcon 24F1 - alternatives

Here we will mention some TVs with similar specs but we are not sure which one of them is currently offered or whether they will be offered on the Australian market:
In case you need a bigger screen (e.g. for your living room), we will recommend you to check the 50-icnh 4k Smart TV FFalcon 50UF1.

In case you are familiar with the FFalcon brand, please share your opinion and experience with it, we will be happy to hear from you!