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A walk in the park with the Lumix S5

Photo gallery with random images taken in the park with the Panasonic Lumix S5 camera

Last week I had the chance to test the Lumix S5 in various situations and light conditions and have to admit that I am really impressed with most shots, even though I am still using the kit 20-60 kit lens. 

In bright daylight images are really sharp and I also managed to get some good portraits with decent depth of field and object separation, despite the fact that this is not the fastest lens for this system (actually quite far from the fastest).

Now, lets take a closer look at some of the images:

Panasonic Lumix S5 in the park - image gallery




I tried to vary with the distance so you can compare from macro closeups and portrait to panorama at the widest end of this lens. 
Actually, that is the beauty of this lens - it covers a range from wide-angle to short portraits which makes it quite versatile and one of the best kit zoom lens that I have tested so far.

Please note that the images above are edited jpeg-s with minor corrections. Images that came right out of the camera had very good color science, one of the best in class together with Canon's which I also like quite a lot. 

In good daylight conditions I didn't have any focus issues even though I shot most of these on intelligent auto mode (yep, not very professional, I know). 

Overall, I really liked how the Lumix S5 handled these situations and I believe it will be a great street-photography companion, even on auto mode and with minimal to no edits at all since Panasonic colors are great and thanks to the flip-screen you can get the perfect angle and position.