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Old Spice Wolfthorn after shave lotion - consumer opinion

My personal feedback about the Old Spice Wolfthorn after shave lotion

Old Spice Wolfthorn consumer opinion

I have been using the Old Spice Wolfthorn after shave lotion for couple of weeks now and decided that it is time to share my personal opinion about this product. 

Well, this is going to be a pretty short feedback since I don't have much to say about an after shave lotion but here are some key features that I want to point out:

  • Classic Old Spice bottle - quite heavy but feels solid in the hand, with classy old design.
  • Nice scent - yes, it has that old-school vibe from Old Spice products that we remember back in the days but doesn't feel that rough on the skin and has like a soft scent added to the overall combination.
  • Does not make my skin red or itchy - happened with products from other brands.
  • My skin does not feel sticky after using it - once it dries on the skin it doesn't feel like you have something sticky on it.
  • Good price - Old Spice Wolfthorn is not that expensive, relatively affordable product in this price segment (around $10-15). Strangely I saw it way too expensive on some websites with prices of over $30 which is just ridiculous.
after shave lotion product review

Generally the Wolfthorn lotion and I am going to use the whole bottle. But since I like to experiment, I will probably try with something different after that.

If you have already used the Old Spice Wolfthorn before, please share your feedback and opinion in the comments below.