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Airelec electric convectors - consumer feedback

Our real-world consumer feedback for the Airelec electric convectors that we have used - Tactic and Tactic Pro

Airelec electric convectors - consumer feedback
Airelec electric convectors

We have been using Airelec electric convectors for many years now and they did a pretty good job for those cold winter days and nights. 

Airelec Tactic Pro covector       Airelec Tactic electric convector

We bought the very first Airelec convector so long ago that I don't even remember when (over 5 years) and it still works just fine. And after so many years of service we decided that it is time for proper consumer review of the Airelec Tactic and Airelec Tactic Pro that we have. 

Airelec Tactic and Airelec Tactic Pro - our feedback

Airelec Tactic ET15

We have the Tactic electric converter for (believe it or not) over 10 years now. it is a 1500W unit and it heats rooms at home that are big up to 15 sq.m. I believe bigger rooms with higher ceilings may have problem and would require at least a 2000W model. 

Airelec Tactic convector controls

To be honest, we never had any issues with the Airelec Tactic ET15 except for setting the correct level for the temperature that we like to achieve. Unlike the newer Tactic Pro the old one doesn't have digital temperature control which is a very nice and convenient feature.

Airelec Tactic temperature setting
Most of the time is hit or miss with these controls but still functional enough and as it seems quite durable.

The Tactic Pro on the other hand is more powerful with 2500W on board and easy to set temperature controls. 

Airelec Tactic Pro
This electric convector is newer model and it has been working for 2-3 years now. It is a good fit for bigger rooms or for places with bad isolation where maximum peak power is important. The Tactic Pro that we bought came with a set of wheels which makes it quite easy to position and move between rooms. 

Our Airelec electric convectors - video

Both these convectors are completely silent which makes them a better fit for heating during the night compared to conventional air-conditioners which could be very annoying sometimes. 

One downside of these electric convectors is that dry the air quite a lot if they work full time. So we would recommend to open windows couple times per day and let some fresh air in.

Overall we are very pleased with the Airelec convertors that we have. It looks like they know how to do them right in France, the manufacturing country of these. 

We also have a third 2000W unit that we will review separately. We would also love to hear your opinion about these products from Airelec or competitors like Adax who also make very good electric convectors.

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