Problems and issues with Candy washing machines

Consumer feedback after using a Candy washing machine for more than 5 years

Candy washing machine problems and issues
The fact that we are reviewing a washing machine that made it for over 5 years and is still running fine is a positive way to start this consumer feedback.

Today we will be discussing problems and issues that we had with our Candy washing machine and share general consumer feedback about the product. 

Candy GrandO 6kg washing machine - main problems

Candy GrandO controls

For us it is a huge achievement that a modern washing machine works for so many years. When we first bought this Candy GrandO we never thought that it would last for many years since the region that it was installed is popular with the high concentration of limestone which helps for quick wear out of parts and eventually breaking down.

Candy washing machine test

And yes, this washing machine had some issues during this period but it survived. Here are some of the problems that we encountered with this Candy washing machine:

  • Malfunctioning of programs and controls - sometimes the indicators on the front panel just start blinking randomly and it gets very hard to set the desired program. The quick fix that we figured out so far is just trying multiple times - turning it off and choosing the desired mode/program again.
  • Washing programs failure - sometimes it happened that the washing machine just stuck on specific mode and kept on going and going. To reduce total breakdown and failure we had paused the machine and then turn off the program. 
  • Overheating - we noticed that sometimes the machine does not follow the program that we chose and heated up the water to much higher levels, not sure what the reason might be.
Despite all of these issues that didn't occur that often, the machine still runs and washes the clothes respectively well. There are no cosmetic damage or visible issues on the outside as well which is of course more or less depending on the user.

Here is a short video of our Candy washing machine, just to see how it looks in real world conditions:

One positive feature of this washing machine is that it is very stable and even on full load it doesn't move around like our Gorenje SensoCare W6523/SC which has the slim form factor and much smaller dimensions.

Well, that is our consumer feedback and real-world experience for Candy washing machines. Please share your thoughts and opinion with us, we will be happy to hear from you!

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