Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard

Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard - product features, specifications and price info

Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard tested

I came upon the Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard yesterday and it got my attention for couple of reasons - first of all it looked very nice and second it came at a good price of under $30. 

That is why today we will take a closer look at the features and specs of this affordable Canyon Fobos gaming keyboard and also share my personal opinion about it.

Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US - product specifications

Brand: Canyon
Model: CND-SKB3
Connection: Wired
Cable length: 1.6 m
Interface: USB Type A
Number of buttons: 118
Number of hot keys: 5
Multimedia keys: 8
Certifications: CE, RoHS
Color: Black, orange
Package type: Retail
Height: 539 mm
Width: 33 mm
Length: 219 mm
Weight: 0.822 kg
Warranty term: 24 months

As mentioned in the beginning I liked the looks of this keyboard a lot. It has enough presence with the orange keys and LED backlight to know it is a gaming keyboard but is still settled enough. 

Honestly, I hate it when some manufacturers stress on RGB LED strips and lights on their products so much that they loose their identity and sometimes even look ugly. Well, that is not the case with the Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard.

Another nice feature here are the 8 multimedia keys which come very handy when you want to adjust things like volume or next track quickly.

Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US - price info

The average asking price for the Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard is around $25.  In EU you can find it for around 20 Euro.

My opinion about the Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US

I think the Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US is a very decent looking gaming keyboard. Canyon products that I have tested usually have good build quality so I would expect it to score good results in that regards as well. The low price is also a huge advantage over competitors like the Razer Cynosa Lite which I reviewed some time ago.

Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3 - video

Thank you for checking my Canyon Fobos CND-SKB3-US gaming keyboard product overview!
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