DJI OSMO Action - still good enough?

Short consumer feedback after two years with the DJI OSMO Action camera


After the release of DJI Action 2 the action camera market got severely updated with an amazing new product. But for those of us who previously bought cameras like the OSMO Action some time ago, should we really upgrade or it is still good enough, even by today's?

Our story with the DJI OSMO Action

Few years ago when we first tested the OSMO Action we were really excited to see how a product from this segment performs (it was our first action camera). 

After thorough testing on bikes, in the sea and some more extreme condition we reached the conclusion that the OSMO Action is one very capable action camera and a true competitor for the GoPro Hero. 

                                                   DJI OSMO Action feedback

But since the pandemic hit us strong and we reduced the travelling to the very minimum, we rarely used the OSMO Action and it was mostly on stand by, even in the summer season. That was quite unfortunate since we really saw a true performer in this camera and were excited to test it in even harsher conditions and make lots and lots of videos.

Well, that never happened but we still managed to get the OSMO Action well enough to know the following:

  • It is compact, well made and durable
  • It records nice 4k videos but there is room for improvement 
  • Good battery life
  • The front screen is a great option
  • Great choice for a cheap action camera if you find it brand new or refurbished
  • Lots of available aftermarket accessories
These may not seem like super exciting features but believe me, they cover the essentials with ease. 

DJI Action 2 specs and first review

So on the question if the OSMO Action is still a proper action camera to use these days I would say yes, unless DJI comes with  something new like OSMO Action second gen.

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