Rowenta Balnea Silence fan heater tested

Rowenta Balnea Silence 2400W SO6210 fan heater consumer test and review

fan heater test

I have the Rowenta Balnea Silence fan heater for many years now and it is still working fine. It is a 2400W heater and it is relatively powerful to quickly warm up relatively large room. 

The Balnea Silence also has a cooling mode (fan only) which comes handy in the hot summer days... or when drying your clothes on fan only. 

Rowenta Balnea Silence - main features

fan heater controls

Well, that is a simple fan heater and there isn't much to be said about a product like this, but here are couple of interesting facts about the Balnea Silence SO6210:

  • Power output: 2400W
  • Silent mode - 1200W
  • Cooling mode - cold ventilation
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Frost-free setting
fan heater back side

Rowenta Balnea Silence - product price

This version of the silent Rowenta fan heater is quite old and rare to find but if you do it would be for a price around 35 Euro. 

Rowenta Balnea Silence - video

Rowenta Balnea Silence - other thoughts

Generally I am happy with the purchase of the Rowenta Balnea Silence - it is compact, lightweight and cheap. The option to move it around the rooms and have them warm in a matter of minutes makes it a versatile heating tool. 

I would also recommend you to check the Rowenta Atlas Silence which is also 2400W but with a different form factor.

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