Rowenta Atlas Silence 2400W heater

Rowenta Atlas Silence SO5015 - cheap and quiet 2400W heater 

Rowenta Atlas Silence heater
Rowenta Atlas Silence - quiet and powerful

Winter is coming so you better be prepared for the cold winter days. Today at our consumer blog we have a cheap alternative of the conventional heating systems - Rowenta Atlas Silence, a compact 2400W heater that will warm up an average sized room pretty fast.
Rowenta Atlas Silence has two levels of operation - 1200W and 2400W and as you can guess from the name this particular model is working at very low levels of noise - only 51 dB.

There isn't much to be said about this heater, it is light, compact and it costs around 20-30 Euros which puts it in the affordable segment.

Here are couple more images so you can take a look at the Rowenta Atlas Silence packaging and operation module:

Rowenta Atlas Silence

Rowenta Atlas Silence heater

Well, that's a pretty short review but stay tuned as we will test more heaters in the coming weeks and share our impressions about them.

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