My first meal with the Masterpro frying pan

Masterpro SMART frying pan - quick consumer review

Masterpro frying pan review

It has been a while since I haven't bought any new kitchen appliances so few days ago I decided to buy something new - the Masterpro SMART frying pan.

Usually I buy Tefal frying pans and to be hones they have been doing a good job, including a wok and a grill pans. For the needs I have the ones that I had didn't perform as good as I want - their non-stick coating was not performing well and that is why I decided to buy a new frying pan.

Masterpro SMART frying pan - main features

Masterpro frying pan

Here are some of the important features about the Masterpro SMART frying pan:

  • PFOA and PTFE free
  • Silicone handle
  • Oven safe up to 170C
  • Good for induction induction, halogen and gas cooktops
  • Whitford Fusion ceramic non-stick coating

Masterpro frying pan - first test

The first test and actual cooking that I did with the ceramic Masterpro frying pan was frying eggs without any oil whatsoever. The non-stick coating did a good job and nothing was left after I finished cooking and the pan was quite easy to clean. 

Masterpro SMART frying pan test

Next I will probably test with some meat or vegetables to confirm the good first performance (hopefully). 

My Masterpro frying pan - video

Masterpro SMART frying pan price

One of the big advantages of this new frying pan is that I bought it quite cheap - on sale for 7 Euro. 

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