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Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water filter jug tested

Testing the Prestige model of the 2.8L Aquaphor water filter jug

Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water jug

Today at Test and Review we are going back to the kitchen since it was ignored from our recent reviews. The product in focus is a 2.8L Aquaphor Prestige water filter jug that we have been testing for the last couple of days. 

Aquaphor 2.8L water filter specifications

Filter jug capacity2,8L
Lid typeSlider
Removes chlorinatesYes
Filter life300L
Replacement of filter cartridgesFilter life depends on the cartridge used
Filter life indicatorMechanical

The 2.8L capacity is very good for any household and the jug itself is quite lightweight so it wouldn't be very hard to use it. 
Aquaphor Prestige water jug specs

We chose the cherry color which has simple and elegant design and actually looks very nice. Previously I would avoid this color and go for the blue version but now that we have the cherry jug I can say it looks good among other appliances. 
Aquaphor Prestige water jug
The Prestige
jug looks very nice in cherry color

Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L - water filtering and cleaning

The most important feature of this jug is water cleaning and from our first impressions we would say that it does a very good job. The water that comes through the filter looks really clean and good for drinking. 
The place where we test this Prestige jug has very bad water with high percentage of limestone so it would be visible right away if the water isn't clean enough.
Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water jug test

What worries us is that due to the presence of the limestone the 300L filter life may be shortened but we will have to wait and see about that.

Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water filter jug - video

Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L - product price

We got our cherry Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L jug on a very good price with 2x 300L filters for under 15 Euro which is a very good price for about 600L of clean water.

Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L - conclusion

For the first days that we've tested the Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L jug we have a very positive feedback. It looks nice and cleans the water well.

Things that we will monitor for the long-term review would be durability and filter lifecycle.