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Samsung message: Use PIN after restart

What to do when the Use PIN after restart message shows on your Samsung smartphone

Samsung lock screen

In the last couple of weeks we have dedicated quite some time for helpful tips for different tech problems. Today we are sharing quick instructions what to do when a message shows up on some Android smartphones - Use PIN after restart

Why do you get the Use PIN after restart message

The answer to this question is very simple - you had your phone turned off or just restarted it and your smartphone security settings require your PIN in order to proceed using it.

In this case you cannot use the fingerprint or other security options since they are considered secondary and will be available after the phone is unlocked with PIN.

What to do when the Use PIN after restart message appears

Basically all you need to do is enter the PIN number you have previously set and your phone will be unlocked. After that you can use the secondary security options like the fingerprint scanner in order to unlock the device.

unlock smartphone with PIN

Yesterday we showed you what to do when the Enter SIM card PIN message appears on Android device and couple of months ago we tackled the tough Unplug charger immediately issue. 

We will keep posting useful tips and recommendations for maintaining your Android devices in good shape, so stay tuned for more interesting content.