YouTube Premium - is it worth paying the extra?

Is it worth using YouTube Premium and paying the subscription or the regular free access is good enough?

YouTube Premium worth it

To answer this question you should think how and why you are using the YouTube video platform in general. While the average consumer watches couple of videos per day, some are using YouTube as a powerful marketing and business solution. 

YouTube Premium is definitely a good solution probably for all types of users thanks to its well-thought features that are usable by the wide audience.

YouTube Premium - product features

Here are the most important features in Premium as listed by YouTube:

• Ad-free videos: Watch millions of videos uninterrupted by ads. Learn more

• Download videos to watch offline: Save videos and playlists on mobile devices and play them offline

• Play in the background: Keep videos playing when using other apps or when your screen is off

YouTube Music

• Easily explore the world of music with the new and improved YouTube Music app

• Ad-free music: Listen to millions of songs uninterrupted by ads

• Download music to listen offline: Save music and playlists in the YouTube Music app and listen offline

• Play in the background: Keep music playing when using other apps or when your screen is off

YouTube Kids

• Ad-free and offline play in the YouTube Kids app

1-month free trial 

YouTube Premium free trial
Currently you can subscribe to YouTube Premium for a month for free in order to check its features and usability. After the free trial ends you will be charged on monthly basis (currently $6.99 per month).

Is YouTube Premium really worth it - video

And if you need more info about Premium, feel free to contact YouTube support.
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