Why BMW decided to buy ALPINA?

Breaking news from the automotive world today: BMW acquired ALPINA 


An exciting news from the car industry from today - BMW decided to buy the exotic tuning studio ALPINA which has been modifying and upgrading BMW's sport models for many years now. 

But why really BMW decided to make this step and acquire ALPINA in 2022?

To answer this question we should not only take a look in the past but also consider what are BMW's future plans. We all know that BMW has a great partnership with ALPINA for decades. 

BMW decided to buy ALPINA, a high-performance car manufacturer based in Germany, for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that ALPINA has a long history of producing high-performance versions of BMW cars that have been well-received by enthusiasts and have a strong reputation in the market. By acquiring ALPINA, BMW was able to bring the company's expertise and technology in-house, which allowed them to develop high-performance versions of their own cars more efficiently and effectively.

Another reason is that BMW was looking to expand their product portfolio and appeal to a wider range of customers. ALPINA's cars are known for their sporty and luxurious characteristics, which complimented BMW's own line-up of vehicles, and gave BMW a way to appeal to customers who were looking for a more exclusive and high-performance driving experience.

Furthermore, BMW acquired ALPINA to strengthen its position in the luxury car market. ALPINA's sporty luxury cars are often compared to Mercedes-AMG and Audi's S and RS models. Thus, BMW saw an opportunity to expand its product range and improve its market position by acquiring ALPINA.

But the future of mobility is going in direction where ALPINA as a small company might experience serious difficulties. The vast development of electric vehicles and the automation in the car industry require huge resources. Therefore some small companies like ALPINA will be left with very little room for mistakes which will slow down innovation - a key aspect for any company that wants to progress in the modern world. 

How much did BMW pay for acquiring ALPINA's business?

Both companies decided not to disclose any financial details of the deal so we are not certain of the exact amount that BMW paid for ALPINA. Taking into account the good financial results for BMW AG in 2021 we believe that they will pay a fair price to the current owners. 

What will be the future of ALPINA?

We believe in the next couple of years ALPINA will continue tuning BMW vehicles with internal combustion engines, just like they did in the last 50 years. 

But under BMW management and considering the electrification trends we tend to think that the focus will be on new high-end technology for BMW's i-model line. 

What we strongly hope is that BMW will manage to keep ALPINA's sport heritage and will keep developing what will be considered boutique gasoline powered sports cars.   

Finally, ALPINA's manufacturing facilities and expertise in carbon fiber and lightweight engineering were also of great interest to BMW, as the company was looking to reduce the weight of its cars to improve performance and fuel efficiency.

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