Logitech C505e webcam - my opinion

Consumer product review of the USB HD webcam Logitech C505e

Logitech C505e review

To start this review, I should say there is nothing really special or extraordinary about the Logitech C505e webcam. It is just a PC accessory that I use for quite some time and I believe it is time to give my honest opinion about it.

Before we proceed with the actual feedback, here are the main specifications of the Logitech C505e cam:

Logitech C505e webcam specifications

Logitech C505e specs

Brand: Logitech
Model: C505e
Max Resolution: 720p/30fps
Camera mega pixel: 1.2
Focus type: Fixed
Lens type: plastic
Built-in mic: Mono
Mic range: Up to 2.74 m
Diagonal field of view (dFoV): 60°
Universal mounting clip fits laptops, LCD or monitors
Height: 31.91 mm
Width: 72.91 mm
Depth: 66.64 mm
Cable length: 2 m
Weight: 75 g

As you can see, just like I mentioned in the beginning, the specs are quite basic as well.

Logitech C505e - my feedback in 2022

My first impressions with the C505e webcam were pretty positive. The cam looks and feels well made, like a quality Logitech product. The attachment clip is solid and I had no issues attaching this webcam to monitors from various brands and sizes. 

Logitech C505e mount
The mounting clip - easy attachment to monitor

The audio and video quality are pretty decent. I use the word decent since it stream 720p video with mono sound. But it is not always about more pixels and stereo sound, especially when we are talking about business conference calls. The main goal is to have stable connection with continuous video and sound stream, so no important detail from the meeting is missed. 

My Logitech C505e - video

I have already tested the Logitech C505e on Teams, ZOOM and few other platforms and it works just fine.

Other thoughts
I think the MSRP of 55 Euro is a bit high for the specs but I have noticed that these days many Logitech products have premium price stickers. Of course there is no need to mention that you can find a 720p webcam that is much cheaper than that, brands like Canyon and Hama have many options available. 
Some long time ago we reviewed the Canyon CNR-FWC113 which was no more than 20 Euro back then.

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