Edifier X5 earbuds - few weeks later

Our consumer experience with the wireless earbuds Edifier X5 after couple of weeks of testing

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It has been couple of weeks since we first tested the true wireless earbuds Edifier X5 so we just wanted to give some additional consumer feedback.

Edifier is known for producing high-quality audio equipment with a sleek design and advanced features. Generally speaking, we are pretty much pleased with the performance of the X5 in almost all aspects of the product. We will split these into couple of categories so it would be easier to explain all we know about this product.

Using the Edifier X5 - user experience

earbuds tested

Main product features:

  • Wireless connectivity: The earbuds connect to your device via Bluetooth, allowing you to listen to your music or take calls wirelessly.
  • High-quality audio: The earbuds feature advanced drivers and/or noise-cancelling technology for a superior listening experience.
  • Long battery life: The earbuds  have a long battery life, so you can enjoy your music for hours on end.

Most of the time it was really easy to use these wireless earbuds. The user experience was pleasant thanks to the easy setup process - just turned the Bluetooth on the smartphone, took the buds out of the charging case, tapped on them and search in the Bluetooth devices list on the phone. Once paired the Edifier X5 was easy to connect again (after disconnect).

Comfort is good though we are pretty much sure there are more comfortable earbuds on the market but probably not at this price point. As an opportunity for future models probably we wish the weight distribution to be a bit different so they are even more stable in the ear.

Charging the X5 is pretty easy - just put the buds in the charging case, plug the type-C cable in the case and the USB end in your PC and leave it until charged. 

earbuds charging case

Edifier X5 - battery

To be honest we didn't monitor the exact hours before the battery is drained but you can expect couple of hours playback once you take the buds out of the case. Then you get more hours once you put them back in the case and leave them to charge (even when not plugged in your computer). From the charging case itself you can get over 10 hours.

Edifier X5 - sound quality

For a $40 TWS earbuds we have to admit that the sound is above decent. You get clear tones and deep bass which makes the X5 perfect for listening to music. 

Edifier X5 is also good for calls. We managed to make couple of calls with it in different environment and the X5 behaved quite adequately. The X5 are touch sensitive so tapping and double tapping on the earbuds picks up or cancels calls. Noise cancelling seems to be doing a decent job.

Overall, it was really a pleasure using the Edifier X5 during the last couple of weeks. We intend to keep these earbuds and use them both for listening to musing and for work related purposes like conference calls and such.

Our honest opinion about the Edifier X5 true wireless earphones