We bought another Aquaphor Prestige water filter jug - here is why

Our 2023 test of the affordable water filter jug Aquaphor Prestige (blue model)

water filter jug

About two years ago we bought our first Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water filter jug and we have been using it intensively since then. 

Last week we got another one (blue color) and decided to share our consumer impressions again, if anything changed in this newer model or it is absolutely the same as before. 

Aquaphor Prestige water filter jug - general info

Aquaphor Prestige tested

The Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water filter jug is a device designed to purify tap water. The jug uses a filtration system to remove impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, and sediment, producing clean, fresh-tasting water. The 2.8L capacity makes it suitable for families or small households.

water filter jug box

Aquaphor Prestige water filter jug - video tour

Here is a short video of our blue Aquaphor Prestige water filter jug. Even though it is relatively cheap, it looks nice. 

We bought this blue version of the jug for less than 15 Euro (including one filter) which is a pretty good price, almost the same we paid two years ago. 
To be honest, we are quite happy with the filters that are available for this jug. They do a very good job and the filtrated water looks and feels cleaner. 

And here is our initial Aquaphor Prestige 2.8L water filter jug test.

Basically, we bought another one of the jugs because we were happy with the performance and the filters lasted quite long, which is of course efficient and saving some money.

If you are not sure about buying this particular model, here is a list with popular brands that offer water filtrating systems:

  1. Brita Maxtra+
  2. ZeroWater
  3. PUR
  4. TAPP 2
  5. Aquaphor
  6. Soma
  7. Bobble
  8. Brita Atlantic
  9. Coway AP-1512HH
  10. CuZn UC-200

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