Afghanistan was hit by a powerful earthquake, causing tremors that were felt in neighboring Pakistan and India.

Earthquake in Afghanistan Causes Tremors in Pakistan and India, Resulting in Injuries and Property Damage


Earlier today, a powerful earthquake hit northeast Afghanistan, causing tremors that were felt in cities in Pakistan and India. According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake measured 6.5 on the Richter scale, with an epicenter 40 kilometers southeast of the town of Jurm and a depth of 187.6 km.

Several towns in Pakistan, including Khyber, Swabi, Mardan, and Shangla, reported injuries, particularly among children. Landslides also blocked roads in Abbotabad. 

Witnesses in Islamabad and Lahore in Pakistan, as well as in New Delhi and Srinagar in India, reported feeling strong tremors and seeing people evacuating their homes. Some residents in Islamabad reported cracks in their home walls.

What to do when a powerful earthquake hits

If a powerful earthquake hits, it's important to stay calm and take the following steps:

  1. Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Get down on the ground, take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture, and hold on until the shaking stops.
  2. Stay indoors: Avoid going outside during the quake, as you may be at risk of falling debris or other dangers.
  3. Turn off gas and electricity: If you smell gas or notice any other issues with gas lines, turn off the gas supply immediately. Similarly, turn off the electricity at the main breaker if you notice any damaged wiring.
  4. Evacuate if necessary: If you live in a high-rise building or near the coast, evacuate to higher ground or a safe location as instructed by local authorities.
  5. Check for injuries: Once the shaking stops, check yourself and others for injuries and provide first aid if needed.
  6. Monitor news and updates: Keep track of the latest news and updates from local authorities and follow their instructions for further actions.