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Philips D2R CrystalVision is a type of automotive headlight bulb that is designed to improve visibility and provide a brighter, whiter light compared to standard halogen bulbs. The D2R bulb is a type of HID (high-intensity discharge) bulb, which uses an arc of electricity to produce light rather than a filament like a traditional halogen bulb.

The CrystalVision bulbs use a special coating on the bulb that produces a bright, white light with a color temperature of up to 6000K, which is closer to the color of natural daylight than traditional halogen bulbs. This helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue while driving at night, as well as improving visibility and making it easier to spot potential hazards on the road.

Philips D2R CrystalVision - product specifications

  • Bulb type: D2R
  • Bulb base: PK32d-3
  • Wattage: 35 watts
  • Voltage: 85 volts
  • Color temperature: Up to 6000K
  • Lumens: Up to 2200
  • Average lifespan: Up to 2500 hours
  • Technology: HID (high-intensity discharge)
  • Certification: DOT compliant
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Consumer feedback and reviews

The Philips D2R CrystalVision bulbs are a popular choice among drivers who want to improve their visibility and the brightness of their headlights. Many people report that the bulbs produce a bright, white light that is closer to natural daylight than traditional halogen bulbs, which can reduce eye strain and make it easier to spot potential hazards on the road.

Overall, consumers seem to be very satisfied with the performance of these bulbs, with many noting a significant improvement in their ability to see and be seen while driving at night. Some reviewers also praise the bulbs' durability, with some users reporting that the bulbs have lasted for several years without burning out or failing.

However, it's worth noting that HID bulbs like the Philips D2R CrystalVision bulbs can be more expensive than traditional halogen bulbs, and they also require a ballast and other specialized equipment to function properly in a vehicle. Additionally, some jurisdictions have regulations regarding the use of HID bulbs in automotive applications, so it's important to check local laws and regulations before installing these types of bulbs in your vehicle.

If you're looking for a high-quality, bright, and durable headlight bulb that can improve your visibility while driving at night, the Philips D2R CrystalVision bulbs are a solid choice that many consumers recommend.

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