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What happened after I polished my headlights

Polishing my car headlights took about an hour, see the results

my car with headlights not polished
before I polish my car headlights 
I was long considering professionally cleaning and polishing the headlights of my 10-year old car. Couple of months ago I tried to do it myself with some car soap and a sponge but the result was not satisfactory. Last week I took my car to a dedicated garage that polishes headlights professionally - check out the result:

my polished headlights
after polishing my headlights - at professional service
I have to say I am really satisfied with the result. I was expecting the lights to look better but after just an hour or so they really looked like new. It wasn't expensive service at all - one can do it for around 20 Euros or less.

I know there are lots of solutions for yellowish and old headlights offered online - cloths, soaps and many other magic tools but I would really recommend you to leave it up to the professionals to the job for you. There is really a major difference not only in how the lights look now but they also work better in dark conditions (well, that is expected of course).

Google doesn't give credit to my Opel Vectra C posts

Have you already polished your car lights professionally and are you happy with the result? I will be happy if you send me some pictures of the outcome.