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TCL LED TVs - are they any good?

TCL LED TVs - everything we know about them

TCL TV opinion

TCL is a popular brand for LED TVs and has gained a reputation for producing good quality TVs at affordable prices. Their TVs generally have good picture quality, decent sound, and a user-friendly interface.

TCL has also been investing in advanced technologies such as QLED and mini-LED to enhance the viewing experience of their TVs. Their TVs are available in a variety of sizes, from smaller models for bedrooms to larger screens for living rooms.

However, like with any brand, there may be some variability in quality across different models and price points. It's always a good idea to read reviews and compare specs before making a purchase to ensure you're getting the features and performance you want.

Picture Quality

TCL uses various technologies to improve the picture quality of its LED TVs. One of the most notable is QLED technology, which offers brighter, more vibrant colors and deeper blacks compared to traditional LED displays. In addition, TCL has also been incorporating mini-LED technology, which allows for more precise local dimming and better contrast. The result is a more lifelike and immersive viewing experience.

Sound Quality

TCL LED TVs generally have decent sound quality, but this can vary depending on the model. Some of their higher-end models come with built-in soundbars or have improved speaker systems, while lower-priced models may have more basic sound. It's worth noting that, as with most flat-screen TVs, the sound quality can be improved by using an external sound system.

User Interface

TCL's user interface is generally well-designed and easy to navigate. Their Roku-based interface is particularly user-friendly and has a wide range of streaming apps available. However, some users have reported occasional glitches or slow loading times.


Reliability is an important factor when considering any electronic device, and TCL LED TVs are no exception. While there are some reports of issues with certain models, overall, TCL TVs seem to have a good reputation for reliability. TCL offers a standard one-year warranty on their TVs, which can be extended for an additional fee.


One of the biggest advantages of TCL LED TVs is their affordability. They offer good quality TVs at prices that are often lower than those of other major brands. This makes them a great choice for those on a budget or anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck.

In conclusion, TCL LED TVs offer a good balance between quality and affordability. They incorporate advanced technologies like QLED and mini-LED to enhance the viewing experience, and their user interface is generally well-designed and easy to use. 

While there may be some variability in quality across different models and price points, overall, TCL LED TVs are a good choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option.

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