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Monday, May 2, 2016

Designer leashes Google Mode for Android Wear now available for € 44

Google Mode for Android Wear
Designer leashes Google Mode for Android Wear

Android Wear is a version of the popular mobile platform for smart watches on the market and has become the biggest competitor to Apple in this market niche. Google does not develop their own such devices, and provide ready software that leading manufacturers use in their devices and now present a new initiative that says Mode For Android Wear. In fact, under this name lies a series of attractive wristwatch straps with Android Wear, which owners can customize them according to their preferences.

LG 49LF540V 49 inch LED TV specs

TV specifications of the 49 inch Full HD LG 49LF540V

LG 49LF540V 49 inch LED TV specs
LG 49LF540V 49 inch LED TV
In case you are looking for an affordable 49 inch Full HD LED panel probably the LG 49LF540V is probably the perfect choice. Combining the low price tag with all the standard features on board the  49LF540V is one of the best big screen TVs on sale these days. This particular model is mostly sold in UK and on the European market as well. 

LG 49LF540V TV specifications: